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13684. period you need to be left like that.” No! Finally, it ends in your suicide. I am not going to use the word man to God, or man to Divine; all those words are too poor. Human beings are going to seek every alternative solutions. 66. I tell you, really I want to tell you, if you experienced the initial push into nirvikalpa samadhi, your integrity, the chastity, your very body will feel chastity is the ultimate pleasure, integrity is the ultimate pleasure. Whether… don’t have the doubt - will I be able to have it? Enakkoru Neethi Idhaya ThamaraiKavalaukuketikaran. Of course very integrated. Why you know? The Aushadha component has four dimensions – certain herbs are, has to be taken in. Later on you will see you will start manifesting in your life, that is what is My job. What do you think is the reason? Understand, the first fundamental principle I wanted you to understand now –. Contribute and make money. The 4 methods of Aushadha, some herbs are taken in and some are kept in your body during the process. If you are put in fire you will feel violated, you'll become violent. Then manifesting, means awakening the space of Sadashiva. My job is making that Sadashivatva in you as cognizable, possibility. It is time… human beings have started feeling body-mind-consciousness alone is too little to enjoy universe. . My sacrifice to my Ishta Devata, Kula Devata, the same intensity is awakened but muting your feeling violated. Human beings will reach the peak of boredom in next five years. I can give you few words of introduction. So, both the system is different. “No, no, no, Swamiji has said, I am already a Sanyasi.”  Yes, so ‘technically’ you can walk from London to Los Angeles. How many Nayanmars? You need to be constantly reminded that is why Bidadi, Bidadi, Bidadi. Their inability to give you solution. Understand. Thomas A Ficht Mohamad Shariff A Hamid Andrew Donald Introduction as per Hindu Shastras. You will not have any of these fevers, these problems. Maharajan - Margazhi Maathan, Yesudas - Harivarasanam, etc. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samaji’s, Satsangi’s, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live and YouTube Live, Twitter Live and through 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. That is why I use the word man to Sadashiva. That cognitive shift of Responsibility when it happens in you, you become Devata, Devatva enters into you, you become God. Incarnation as per Hinduism. I am not using the word “you will be given choices” or “you will be bombarded with choices”. There may be lot of other things which we have not listed it here. I am very clear, destroy all those material. You will just see and then jump to next other thought currents or something else. click to subscribe. Oh no! That is the reason, the idea that He is here and it is celebration, is dead, of the unconscious part; it is not kundalini kindling experience. Understand, freedom is not choices in front of you, it is ability to develop your will persistence with the whole Universe. Antony Premelin Anitha तासापूर्वी . If this Truth falls into my ears, Sadashiva is graceful and compassionate enough He will make that as a experience in my heart. Basically understand, the inner most core, corner of you always knows you are Sadashiva,  but does not make that as a cognizable reality or possibility. I welcome all of you with My love and respects. 0 0. You can be highest integrity, plastic pizza is enough. And the people who are established in spiritual umbilical cord connection with Me, I have put them in such remote, different, different corners of the world, you can’t hunt and destroy all of them. No. The actions which you will feel violated if you are forced, you are doing it voluntarily in the name of your Devotion, and commitment and sacrifice to the God or Goddess becomes Tapas, mutation of your fundamental instincts. 102. But if you are a person interested in counting, the moment you see the picture, automatically your mind will count and record it. Enriching means your Responsibility cognition is the Chidambara in which you are dancing. If you can be Sanyasi whole life - great, enjoy – celebrate; you got business class ticket, free! Now, it is time for the next breakthrough man to Sadashiva. Still, I have not got the Shastra reference. Integrity is the unit of consciousness, oozing out in the form of Oneness; the STATE of Sadāshiva, in your body and mind. When I use the word ‘Conscious’ here, I am using in the meaning of - ability to perceive even in the absence of body and mind. - The SourceForge Team The game kick is exceeding even the respect for life. And, there's more. Integrity is the first unit of… this 36 units, to measure the existence of Cosmos. So that you can acquire your requirements as easy as possible. Taking it for granted is using your paycheck, actually dropping your paycheck in dustbin thinking it’s a used toilet tissue. அதன் தனித்துவம், 3. I am declaring - possibility. . With integrity you will get what He reserved for you. The moment you think, ‘Oh, every day He comes and sits. My job is making that Sadashivatva in you as cognizable, possibility. No! I will explain this Siddha processes. It will not be disturbing. If I give you the opportunity what kind of a powerful cognition you will have it, pen down that. This is powerful cognition. For that you need to understand this. Understand, if your cognition, if your cognition is comfortably flowing with the space of achalatva, I call that as chastity. Undebatable. Sri Nithyananda Swami, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, Sadashiva, taking life for granted, life kindling, Kundalini kindling, spiritually awakening, life, breathing space of an avatar, kalabhairava, depression, psychological epidemic, disease, blue whale game, self-harm, prasada of Sadashiva, In this special webinar delivered on 13 August 2017, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks on Sanyas - The royal way to Sadashivatva. Believing non-integrity can pay better things in your life is the worst stupidity can enter into your system. Understand. We call it prakruti, Adi Shakti, Ishwaratva, all that. Slowly, slowly do this transition. Slow practice of that state is Grihastha, wrong practice of that state is Atheist. I am very clear about it. But the fundamental definition of chastity is this – the achalatva dimension of your consciousness manifesting itself through your body and mind is chastity. So, essence of today’s satsang – Experience aushada. At least certain period, when that milk is becoming curd, Sanyas is mandatory. Hey, whatever is said and done, even if few accidents happen, flying is a science. Download MURAI MAMAN AARATI MP3 in the best high quality (HD) 30 results, the new songs and videos that are in fashion this 2019, download music from MURAI MAMAN AARATI in different mp3 and video audio formats available; MP3 uploaded by size 0B, duration and quality 320kbps.. Intensely completion with everything that exists. That is why even by the drop of the hat you feel, “Why all this, let’s run away.”. This aushada is specifically getting ready to give you the experience of state of Sadashiva like nirvikalpa samadhi, complete Completion, inner healing, healing all the in-completions. Listen, whether it is health, or money, or some people in your life or some place, situation, the moment you take that for granted, it is no more kindling your life, kundalini shakti, energy to be alive. Pudamodal will be buried underground and heated up and exposed only to the heat temperature, but not to the smoke like brick making process. Looks too good to be true. from monkey to man. No mincing words! It is like a cloth being beaten every day. So understand, so I'm going to be very clear the way I am introduced. Today morning I was seeing the Nithyananda Times. It is actually opening up, happening. Understand… how various measurements are done, using various units, these 24 Tattvas… actually to be precise, it is 36. Do not go for any of those careers and professions. I need to verify whether July 2nd or maybe 4th. From fish to monkey – physical and mental breakthrough; mind means ability to perceive more than body. click to subscribe. See, the depth with which you feel violence and violated with, that same depth, if you feel sacrifice and commitment, devotion, that violence in you will be muted. This blog i have created to make tou to feel free to surf about the various south india film news and releases. How many of you understand this? Play online or download to listen offline free - in HD audio, only on JioSaavn. The fools have not seen the best things life can give. Listen, I’ll repeat. Cancer is medical ransom software. It is not practice, it is declaration. Even your professions, careers, build as per the Hindu tradition and Hindu scriptures, because they are so much of life positive. I wanted to tell this very clearly to the whole Sangha. If you think your paycheck is used toilet tissue and drop it in the dustbin, that is exactly you are doing when you take life for granted, when you don’t involve with it, when you don’t live it, when you don’t involve with it. No! Understand, when monkeys started standing with two legs, the speed of the blood flow, not the quantity… the speed of the blood flow to the brain become less. Where there is no rule exists. You can always give example for this and for that. That’s the only way you are going to save youngsters for the future. Grow! Rare failures cannot question the system. Some styles failed to load. Somebody makes a Rava Kesari, in such a way, it cannot be measured in kg, it has to be measured only in liter,J does not mean the measurement of Kesari is litre J It is an exemption. It is just taking specifics from you now. I ll upload all the latest updates as soon as i can. Let Life be a Kundalini Kindling Experience, Don't Take Life For Granted! When people come sometimes people tell Me, “Swamiji, this Mahasadashivoham even introduction I can't understand, how can that become my experience?” I tell them okay, as if you understand the whole third eye circuit? And the reflection is pure. Understand, the first perception without thinking, happened, is gratitude. When you decide to become Divine, when you decide to become Sadashiva, Shaktis are beautiful roses shared. If you are pierced you will feel violated. Same way, anybody who has to manifest, , certain period you need to be left untouched. 3% chronically, means can't even get out of their home. Kanala pathaka loosa sutha vitada in radhakrishna version 0:42 | 4,702 views ️kannala pathaka loosa sutha vitta da ️ 0:45 | 1,033 views. Pudan means purifying, pudangaatal, pudamodal, pudangaatal means, it’s a Tamil word from Siddha tradition, above the ground the item which is supposed to be purified will be kept and heated up and exposed to the smoke. See, the software with which you are operating, software with which you are operating contains certain limitations because the fellows who wrote the software itself could imagine only this much. I should say… what is going to, already I have won. BEWAFAI SONG HINDI ME ALL 100% Free download 2019. The fundamental work I am supposed to do, I have done. 34. No, if you use it only then you will even feel like clapping. I am very responsible when I'm uttering these words, it is really true. Now. She was asking, “Then, is the Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching - these four Tattvas, like this there are 32 more?” I said, “No, this whole thing is only one Tattva - ‘Integrity’.” Integrity is only one Tattva. It is just a dead mechanism. I understand. It’s completely different. So today you can see live the next process of aushada. People put a question… Atmapriya has sent a question. No. Time doesn't matter. But if you are taking it for granted, somehow it will not be available for you. ethuku than adipodarara, Understand. I will expand on aushada. So with this I bless you all. How many ever questions, doubts, incompletions, impossibilities, fears, guilt, resistance, tiredness, boredom, you may manifest towards the idea of Sanyas, if you want Sadāshivatva as the first priority in your life, during certain period of your life, especially when the milk becoming curd, I should say, if I have to describe that moment, when Integrity becoming enriching during that state, Integrity becoming enriching, you need to be left, physically, mentally untouched and un-demanded and not necessary to respond, even as per the Integrity declaration of your Existence, other than the Guru Vaak. In positive thinking there is always negative thinking, in Super-conscious breakthrough there is no negative Super-conscious breakthrough. Set. From fish to monkey, body and mind breakthrough – means, beyond body, something was built. Sacrifice mutes, transmutes the feeling violation. First time the human beings have reached a space saturation of all different permutation combination of Consciousness. Brick making is pudamodal. If you are put in fire you will feel violated, you'll become violent. Disease is spreading all over the world. The life-giving male component is released from the system if there is sex. I don’t know how many of you know about this ransom software which is going around and attacking the computers all over the world, and it can be decrypted only if you pay some ransom. Listen, listen, listen. Your body - physical, physiological, psychological. Understand, the loneliness, depression, boredom, tiredness you feel can never be cured by anything else other than having a Super-conscious breakthrough. How many of you understand this? Later on you will see you will start manifesting in your life, that is what is My job. Look at what they're trying to divert you from. I cannot lift even 5mg toxin sitting in his body. Any withdrawal is nothing but the original state of Sanyas; maybe practiced sometimes in right way or wrong way, but the state and its original pulling string, the spring, by its nature - ‘Sanyasi’. The whole humanity is going to collapse because they believed ‘choices are freedom’. 0 0. Thank you, be Blissful. And making you manifest the multiple powers of Sadashiva, state of Sadashiva, space of Sadashiva. It is… Incarnation’s words, become constitution of Cosmos. Listen, you can see these photographs and try to understand the pure reflection and distorted reflection. Whether… don’t have the doubt - will I be able to have it? Even with the dengue many times if you go to doctors, they will say, "No, boil neem leaf, put in the water and drink." 102. I wanted it to be as per the Hindu scripture. That is the way life is… if you decide to live. Pure mirror experiencing pure reflection is what I call unclutched space, the space of nirvikalpa samadhi, the space of complete Completion. Listen. Only when I am sitting here today for more than one hour … even to get ready to utter few words… and then almost full two minutes of preparation of my breathing and everything to start speaking. That sin and the torture and suffering follows you wherever you go. His bread and butter, but he said "Swamiji you said that's all, no more." The first step human being need to learn is – manifesting powerful cognitions in every step of your life, is Authenticity. Why you know? A branch of Hinduism, not from the core mainstream Hinduism. See the difference. Both the temple and the third eye, that region, if this aushada is applied, it straight away puts you in nirvikalpa samadhi, unclutched space, just by will, nothing else is required. Thank You. Enriching is all about   Responsibility cognition first then actions following, casually without even you remembering you are acting. I think by now many people know in Maha Sadāshivoham we are going to walk on fire. So take some idea, which is already spread without much resistance even though it is compromising your own father's name, it is okay. Ability to go on manifesting powerful cognitions about your money, “Eh, I made so much, only the first rupee is difficult.” You see, first crore you have to make it with your blood. And all your actions, responses, reactions, and Responsibility, be from this cognition. Manifesting all shristi sthiti vināsha throbhava anugraha – Creation, Maintenance, Rejuvenation and playing with the Delusion and Liberation. It’s not that if you don't give yes I can't do, but I don’t do… as ethics. Understand, the cunning, cunning strategies - you may steal few toy cars and toy houses and keep it secretly, but you will miss what Sadashiva reserved for you. The reflection in the distorted mirror; if that reflection starts behaving it is Sadashiva, no, that is not going to work. So the very concept of God in the western religions is poor man's version of Sadashiva. If the mirror is pure, mirror will reflect the sun as it is. The yesterday’s aushada, it is to infuse nirvikalpa samadhi in you. So if the issues are raised we will defend and fight it out, that is why we are here. I tell you, the other day I was defining chastity. You will be surprised, When I use the word ‘Conscious’ here, I am using in the meaning of -. These units are the methods through which, the experience of the Existence is measured. 2024. Dakhsas always try to break the Sanyas life, Sanyas tradition. That ability is only available in human body. I am very clear I am going to be introduced, I'm introducing Myself as Incarnation as per Hinduism.

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